Reliability and Maintenance

What NOT to Do as a Maintenance Planner

by Torbjörn Idhammar Every organization needs to provide planners with a clear job description. That description may differ among companies due to the size of the organization. Some companies combine the roles of planner and supervisor. Others have dedicated planners for shutdowns/turnarounds. Many have staff members with the title of “planner” who do not do any actual planning. So, how ...

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When Operations Runs Maintenance

Are you thinking about reorganizing by having maintenance report to operations? My advice to you is: “Bad idea.” Consider, instead, keeping your central maintenance organization and putting some of the hourly workers in specific work areas.

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Do You Need to Improve Your Mill’s Preventive Maintenance/Essential Care and Condition Monitoring Process?

PM/ECCM programs are poor and mill leaders are not fixing them, according to Tor Idhammar, of IDCON, Inc. Mills have often inherited a poor PM/ECCM program due to past cost reductions or just complacency, but even if the current mill staff didn’t create the situation, the situation still needs to be fixed. Idhammar explains how to identify whether your mill needs to improve its PM/ECCM and, if it does, where to begin that process.

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