Monthly Archives: August 2021

Uruguay Prepares to Open a Gateway to the World

Construction of UPM’s deep-water pulp terminal in the Port of Montevideo is halfway completed and on schedule. As one of Uruguay’s largest-ever infrastructure investments, how will it boost the country’s economy—and what will it mean for UPM?

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A Challenging Year for Global Transport

The global supply chain for large-scale commodity goods is almost impossibly complex, and disruptions in one region can have ripple effects around the world. This includes pulp, paper, packaging board, and the myriad end-products these products become.

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RMM Part 4: Belief-Driven Strategy

This article is Part 4 of a 4-part series. In our last issue, Christer explained “Beliefs 10-13” of his maintenance strategy in depth. This time, we’ll take an overview of the final two in a set of 15 beliefs developed from his time spent in various reliability and maintenance positions over the span of six decades throughout 52 countries.

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