Specialty Grades

Pump Metering Accuracy Contributes to Product Excellence at Historic Paper Mill

RUSSELL MERRITT St Cuthberts Mill is a master papermaker with a heritage that can be traced back to the 1700s. Based near Wells in Somerset, England, St Cuthberts specializes in the manufacture of high-quality artists’ papers. The company makes approximately 80 tons of paper every month using a continental shift pattern across 24/7 operations. The secret of the company’s success ...

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Ford Goes Further with Renewable Nanomaterials

Nanocellulose materials offer tremendous potential in a range of automotive applications—and the opportunities will keep growing, says Ford Research Scientist Alper Kiziltas. JAN BOTTIGLIERI Can nanocellulose really offer automotive manufacturers better performance, at a lower cost, with a greener footprint? Maybe Billy Ocean said it best: “Get out of my dreams… and into my car.” At the nanoscale, a material’s ...

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An Ode to Small

trendspotting | MANAGEMENT An Ode to Small  A bold management decision in 2013 has revitalized Turners Falls Paper.  GRAEME RODDEN   Find a niche, be the best at what you do, serve your customers like no others, be quick to respond to evolving markets. How does a small papermaker survive, and thrive, in this era of declining demand—especially when one’ ...

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