World’s Largest MVR Evaporation Plant for Sulphite Spent Liquor at Sappi Saiccor Pulp Mill

Sappi Saiccor’s chemical pulp is produced using a unique cellulose chemistry technology from sustainably grown eucalyptus. Sustainable production processes are maintained by production facilities, many of which are operated with bioenergy from steam and waste streams.

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Turning Pulper Rejects into Valuable Fuel

Until recently, non-recyclable material has been sent to third-party waste management companies for incineration. Such processes are inefficient, costly, and create a significant carbon footprint. The Oguma Pelletizer is the ideal, simple, and practical solution to a mill’s waste recycling needs.

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Slave Lake Pulp Generates Biogas, Saves Money

With assistance from the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) and the Government of Alberta, Slave Lake Pulp embarked on a Biomethanation and Power Generation Project that would anaerobically digest pulp mill effluent to generate biogas to be used as green energy.

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