Holistic Technology Reduces Defects and Improves Tissue Machine Efficiency

The recycled tissue industry has made significant strides in reducing raw materials and water consumption, aligning with global sustainability goals. However, these commendable efforts have led to increased challenges in the form of contaminants that hinder manufacturing and converting processes, particularly the persistence of micro hydrophobic (HP) particles. These particles defy traditional removal methods and pose threats to mills’ efficiency and sustainability goals.

Challenges in Contaminant Removal

Mechanical methods have long been effective in eliminating contaminants from recycled tissue. However, the advent of water conservation efforts has removed past purge points, making it difficult to address the presence of HP particles, which can saturate the system and begin to agglomerate.

While various chemical methods exist to mitigate the consequences of HP particle saturation, such as passivation of the HP particles, fabric passivation, or fixation chemistry, these strategies are not always successful.

Holistic Solution

Addressing this critical issue, Albert Allen of Kemira will present a groundbreaking solution at TAPPICon 2024. His presentation, titled “New Polymer Technology Combined with Online Monitoring Reduces Defects and Improves Tissue Machine Efficiency,” is part of the Conference’s Tissue Track.

Allen’s presentation will delve into a novel chemistry that, when combined with innovative online monitoring, aims to minimize the concentration of HP particles in the tissue process. This holistic approach not only addresses the challenges posed by these contaminants but also contributes to improving overall machine efficiency and reducing defects in the final product.

Attendees will also hear a case study that highlights the successful application of this technology, including how the new chemistry helps determine optimal areas for application, provides feedback on the treatment’s performance, and enhances tissue machine performance.

Tissue-focused Offerings at TAPPICon 2024

With a special emphasis on tissue-related advancements, this year’s Conference addresses the evolving needs of the industry. The Conference includes a peer-reviewed tissue track featuring a mix of technical content and business insights focused on critical areas of the mill, including:

  • Monitoring for Improved Tissue Process Control and Product Quality
  • Tissue Furnishes – Current State and Opportunities for Enhanced Performance
  • Nonwood Fibers for Sustainable Tissue
  • Tissue Trends-Consumer and Industry Highlights
  • Nonwood Pulping and Fiber Modification
  • Advances in Tissue Making Technology
  • Creating Safe Tissue Operations
  • Tissue Physical and Tactile Properties Assessment
  • Controlling Converting Parameters for Targeted Results

Attendees can meet face-to-face with tissue suppliers in the dedicated tissue pavilion on the exhibit floor. They can also experience the popular Pecha Kucha session focused on the tissue Journey and participate in the Hot Topics Breakfast roundtable dedicated to tissue topics. At the end of the week, attendees can attend the Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee Spring Meeting, which is co-located with TAPPICon. The meeting will be held on May 1-2, 2024 at the Hilton Downtown Cleveland.

TAPPICon 2024

With the theme, Rock the Roll! Unleashing the Harmonies of the Paper Industry, TAPPICon 2024 promises to be an immersive experience for industry professionals, academia and students. Designed to help mills identify technology solutions and strategies to stay competitive in the future, the Conference addresses key topics affecting paper, packaging, recycled paperboard and tissue. It also focuses on issues affecting women in industry and young professionals. The Conference also includes multiple networking events and a large exhibit floor.

For questions about TAPPICon 2024 or to register, please visit TAPPICon.org. The Early Bird discount ends on March 22nd. Mills also receive a special discount when they register their teams. For more information about the Tissue Track, contact TAPPI Tissue Division Manager Robert Davis via email or by phone at 770-209-7279.

If you are interested in being an exhibitor or sponsor, please contact Shane Holt at 1.352.333.3345 or [email protected]. Exhibit space is almost sold out so secure your spot as soon as possible.