Monthly Archives: February 2023

The Conversion of Corra Gator-Boardy

Ride along with Corra in a series of six mini-adventures on her way from a flat corrugated board to an amazing, corrugated container. Part 1: Feeder Section

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How to Document Cost-Effective Maintenance Tasks Part 3: Process for Documenting Preventive Maintenance Tasks

methods for documenting Preventive Maintenance PM

Part 3 in this series focuses on Preventive Maintenance documentation processes. In order to document a cost-effective preventive maintenance system, there must be a clear and established process in place for how to document PMs. It is not enough to rely on vendor information and personal experience alone.

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Owning Safety

When your brands are known for personal care, you've got to make sure employees feel cared for, too

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How to Document Cost-Effective Maintenance Tasks Part 1: Preventive Maintenance Definition

Definition of Preventive Maintenance

IDCON’s latest series will detail the correct way to document cost-effective maintenance tasks. The first thing to do is go back to the basics. Part 1 will cover the background and theory of how to achieve the correct tasks and documenting Preventive Maintenance tasks.  

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The Importance of Sustainable, Working Forests for Paper and Packaging

As consumers increasingly seek out companies that understand the alignment between personal value systems and purchases, pulp, paper, and wood products manufacturers, as well as forest managers, loggers, and all participants up and down the value chain, need to take an active role in advocating for the important work we all do.

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