Paper or Papermaking

Digital Transformation Can Help Balance Sustainability, Profitability

JONI LIPKOWITZ OK-PRODUCT STUDIO/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Today’s pulp and paper manufacturers face growing pressure to improve sustainability, lower energy consumption, and reduce their overall environmental footprint. At the same time, decision-makers are dealing with heightened competition, price constraints, and consumer demand for recycled materials. The margin for error is razor thin. This mix of industry pressures has accelerated the adoption of digital ...

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Three Benefits of NIR Technology

It may not be as familiar as other methods, but near-infrared technology is growing in popularity for papermakers.

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Efficiency is Key for High Capacities

At the Bohui Papers facility, Cellwood Machinery’s largest dispersing system is helping the mill produce 2,150 metric tons per day of white-top cardboard—currently the largest capacity in the world.

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