Monthly Archives: June 2021

Cepi: Looking Toward a Carbon Neutral 2050

MARK RUSHTON The pulp and paper industry in Europe has shown real resilience in the face of challenges presented by COVID-19 and has been instrumental in keeping things going as normally as possible by supplying essential hygiene and packaging products. Jori Ringman, director general at Cepi, says “We reported early on in the pandemic to the European Commission. In fact, ...

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RMM Part 3: Belief-Driven Strategy

In our last issue, Christer explained “Beliefs 1-9” of his maintenance strategy in depth. This time, we’ll take an overview of the next four in a set of 15 Beliefs developed from his time spent in various reliability and maintenance positions over the span of six decades throughout 52 countries. The final two Beliefs will be covered in the May/June issue.

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Build from Strength

Lotta Lyrå takes the helm at Södra after a 12-year absence, having spent the last decade in the retail sector. Now she plans to bring what she’s learned back to the pulp industry.

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