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How to Document Cost-Effective Maintenance Tasks Part 4: Criticality Analysis

Criticality Analysis

Part 4 of this series will cover how to decide what PMs we should document first, and typically we do a criticality analysis. As we like to say at IDCON: Keep it simple. It is best to keep the criticality analysis as simple as possible. As with any type of criticality analysis, the formula is Risk x Consequence. The “risk” represents the probability of the failure or breakdown occurring, and the “consequence” could refer to safety, environmental, high cost, lost production, etc.

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How to Document Cost-Effective Maintenance Tasks Part 3: Process for Documenting Preventive Maintenance Tasks

methods for documenting Preventive Maintenance PM

Part 3 in this series focuses on Preventive Maintenance documentation processes. In order to document a cost-effective preventive maintenance system, there must be a clear and established process in place for how to document PMs. It is not enough to rely on vendor information and personal experience alone.

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Efficiency is Key for High Capacities

At the Bohui Papers facility, Cellwood Machinery’s largest dispersing system is helping the mill produce 2,150 metric tons per day of white-top cardboard—currently the largest capacity in the world.

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Thinking Beyond the Basement

Vacuum systems are essential for papermaking, and understanding the dewatering process is the key to a well-working vacuum system.

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