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What NOT to Do as a Maintenance Planner

by Torbjörn Idhammar Every organization needs to provide planners with a clear job description. That description may differ among companies due to the size of the organization. Some companies combine the roles of planner and supervisor. Others have dedicated planners for shutdowns/turnarounds. Many have staff members with the title of “planner” who do not do any actual planning. So, how ...

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Improving Reliability of Circuit Breakers by Predictive Maintenance

Circuit breakers are an integral part of the electrical systems and their application differs with respect to the scenario. They are also used for planned electrical isolation of a system or equipment. By definition, “circuit breakers are protective construction electrical products that operate automatically”. Certain fault conditions can actuate a circuit breaker resulting in a discontinuation of power supply to ...

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Importance of Good Electrical Maintenance Practices

By Jeson Pitt, D&F Liquidators Good maintenance practices are not just limited to equipment in the facility. In fact, you need to follow good maintenance practices when it comes to the electrical aspect of the organization. You need to plan every step carefully, encourage proactive management and comprehensive reporting. Intelligent construction, proper design and commissioning are also key factors. Why Focus ...

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