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ABB Web Inspection Systems Upgraded Successfully

Papertech, a member of the IBS Paper Performance Group, has developed a simple andeconomical way for upgrading existing ABB Web Inspection Systems (WIS). The solution isbased on the proven and constantly improved WebInspector® WIS technology, providingcustomers with maximum confidence regarding the availability of spare parts and service. Usingexisting components reduces costs, complexity and the associated application engineeringexpenses.As part of the ...

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JMC Partners with Hergen

JMC and Hergen are committed to delivering groundbreaking advancements in tissue-making machinery.

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Successful Start-up of Asia Symbol’s Rugao Board Machine 13

At the end of October, Voith successfully started up Asia Symbol’s BM 13 at Rugao, 180 km north ofShanghai, China. The state-of-the-art machine is 8.16 m wide with adesign speed of 1,400 m/min and an annual capacity of around one milliontons. It mainly produces high-quality white folding boxboard in the basisweight range of 170 to 400 gsm.“Voith has always been ...

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