JMC Partners with Hergen

JMC has recently forged a technological partnership with Hergen, extending its collaboration to the Southeast Asian market. This strategic alliance is specifically aimed at catering to the markets in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Middle East, and Africa, focusing on Tissue Machines, Film Press, and Shoe Press technologies.

Scope of Partnership:

JMC Paper Tech and Hergen have strategically united to form a robust Technology Partnership, aiming to introduce cutting-edge advancements in Tissue, Shoe Press, Hydraulic Headbox, Film Press, and Yankee Cylinders technologies. This collaborative effort goes beyond a traditional business alliance, evolving into a synergistic relationship that leverages the unique strengths of both companies. The partnership aims to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that optimize efficiency and quality in paper production across the regions of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Middle East, and Africa.

Synergies Between Companies

This collaboration brings together JMC’s extensive industry experience of almost 3 decades and Hergen’s 45-year legacy as an industry leader in developing advanced paper-making technology. The synergy between the two companies ensures a powerful combination of innovative prowess and technological expertise. By leveraging each other’s strengths, JMC and Hergen are committed to delivering groundbreaking advancements in tissue-making machinery. This strategic partnership enhances JMC’s ability to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, reaffirming our commitment to being a one-stop-shop that offers “Concept to Commissioning” solutions for all paper production needs. The inclusion of Hergen’s technologies further strengthens JMC’s position, allowing us to cater to a wider array of customer needs. The partnership is poised to redefine industry standards, contributing to the continuous progress of the global paper and board and tissue manufacturing sector.