Voith Launches InfibraFiner at ZELLCHEMING

Leading full-line supplier Voith launched the new InfibraFiner at the ZELLCHEMING trade fair, adding a state-of-the-art, innovative and sustainable product to its BlueLine product family. The award-winning refiner offers up to 28 percent additional capacity and optimum energy efficiency. The development of the InfibraFiner is based on more than 60 years of research and development work and over 1,000 successful installations of its predecessor, the TwinFlo Refiner.

The market-leading Brazilian paper manufacturer Klabin already has one of the first new InfibraFiners successfully in operation and confirms the positive results: “We are excited about the new InfibraFiner DG from Voith as it marks an important milestone in refiner technology for safety and efficiency,” says Ênio Antônio Dos Reis, Process and Engineering Consultant at Klabin. “Already, it allows us to increase the paper machine speed and thereby our production by an average of 4.5 t/day. Besides this, we achieved an increase of the Burst Test result due to better pulp refining quality and process stability. The IF90 DG is a great fit for us, and we are proud to have started up one of the very first machines at the Otacílio Costa mill. It has a robust design and is state of the art in terms of remote connection and onboard sensors and control systems.”

“The InfibraFiner features state-of-the-art automation and digitalization components and a modular design that allows for easy installation in all plants worldwide,” says Adrian Honig, Product Manager Refiner/Deflaker at Voith Paper. “State-of-the-art I/O link sensors ensure easy machine monitoring. A self-control automation system enables papermakers to operate the refiner even in existing plants without a process control system. With this new refiner generation, we are demonstrating our innovative strength.”

For optimal operator guidance, Voith experts have developed the SmartLight. The indicator mounted on the cover of the refiner features three color-illuminated segments that provide at-a-glance information about the machine status, performance and current maintenance condition.

Numerous parameters such as temperature, pressure and vibration profile are recorded and evaluated. A secure data connection enables reports on the machine status to be created and sent and also offers the option of remote maintenance and remote support. Due to its modular design and based on individual customer requirements, the refiner can also be installed without the digitizing package and SmartLight.

In addition, the InfibraFiner impresses with its clear structures, high-quality surfaces and modern materials. The basis for the design is Voith’s innovative “Papermaking Vision” design study, which is aimed at increasing efficiency, safety and sustainability. The smooth surfaces make the refiner easy to clean, while the modular design and integrated gearbox ensure a small footprint. Due to its sophisticated design, the InfibraFiner has already won the Focus Open International Design Award Baden- Württemberg in silver.

For more information, please visit: https://voith.com/corp- en/papermaking/refining-deflaking.html.