Via Separations Inc., International Paper Collaborate on Technology to Build a Better Future for People and the Planet

International Paper (IP) and Via Separations Inc. (Via) are pleased to announce a collaboration aimed at reducing the energy intensity and carbon emissions of the kraft pulping process.

After four successful pilot demonstrations, Via Separations Inc. will break ground on a new manufacturing technology enhancement – the first of its kind – at IP’s Grande Prairie mill in Alberta, Canada, in the second quarter of 2023.

Via’s Black Liquor Concentration System displaces steam use in evaporators, electrifies the separation, and provides modular demand response for kraft pulp mills translating to cost, energy and emissions savings for the facility. This first-of-a-kind deployment will unlock repeatable projects across other IP mills. 

“We are proud to be a leading global supplier of planet-friendly packaging, pulp and fiber-based products people depend on every day,” commented Clay Ellis, senior vice president, Global Cellulose Fibers, International Paper. “We believe in being responsible stewards of our resources and this project is a great example of our Vision 2030 commitment to reduce enterprise greenhouse gas emissions by 35% and ensure our manufacturing process is sustainable for generations to come.”

International Paper is one of the world’s leading producers of fiber-based products. Beyond creating products people depend on every day, IP is creating what’s next through innovative solutions, sustainable operations and collaboration with innovative companies like Via.

Shreya Dave, CEO of Via Separations said, “Via is decarbonizing industries today by changing the way we manufacture our most important chemical and material products. The pulp and paper sector is a perfect focus for us due to its renewable products and focus on sustainability. Our collaboration with IP demonstrates their commitment to energy efficient solutions that boost the economy and create jobs.”

Via Separations Inc. and International Paper are excited to join with Natural Resources Canada’s Investments in Forest Industry Transformation (NRCan IFIT) program to support the collaboration. NRCan IFIT is designed for innovative and transformational capital investments to ensure industry competitiveness in the forestry industry.

“The collaboration with NRCan and Via Separations has allowed us to bring our technology to one of our most innovative mills to reduce emissions and advance a key industry in the Alberta and Canadian economy,” said IP’s Government Relations Director, Dave Kluesner. “It’s an honor to work with both groups.”