TissueCon 2019 New Technology Showcase

New Technology Showcase

Join 20 companies when they demonstrate environmentally friendly technologies, modern marvels, technologies with high ROI, and maintenance programs with solid cost reductions at TissueCon’s first ever New Technology Showcase.

dynaCERT, a Thomas Edison Award Gold Winner, will demonstrate how their technology improves diesel engine performance, provides 20% reduction in fuel, and reduces emissions by 40%-plus. Shannon Enterprise will present reusable insulation and sound proofing jackets, another big energy savings. Augury blends ultrasonics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing into state-of-the-art detection of failures for gearboxes, motors, pumps, and other components days, week and even months in advance of failure. Graco Case Stitching uses an enclosed hot melt glue system that can cut glue usage by 50% when applying a stitched pattern versus the traditional full stripe pattern.