New CorrFocus Section Coming to Paper360°

Beginning with the July/August issue, Paper360° will include a new section: CorrFocus, an every-issue compendium of corrugated-related content. CorrFocus will gather information on corrugating best practices, industry leaders, new research, market trends, upcoming events — any information pertinent to the careers of corrugated industry professionals — and offer it in this dedicated section within Paper360°. CorrFocus will be easy to find, easy to read (Paper360° is already offered in both print and downloadable, device-friendly digital formats), and easy to pass along to colleagues and peers.

As a publication of TAPPI, Paper360° is in a unique position to leverage close access to TAPPI’s Corrugated Division, a talented group of technical professionals who focus on the manufacture and use of corrugated containers and associated packaging materials and products; and the Corrugated Packaging Council, the advisory board whose members work together to provide guidance and support for TAPPI’s efforts to serve the corrugated industry. TAPPI (in conjunction with AICC) can also provide editorial access to two premier events for the corrugated industry: Corrugated Week and SuperCorrExpo (in fact, see page 19 for a look ahead at Corrugated Week 2022.) No other publication now serving the corrugated industry can offer all of that.

Of course, CorrFocus will not be exclusively for professionals in the corrugated industry. Corrugated is one of the forest products industry’s fast-growing sectors, opening new markets and fostering more new research than ever before. That is why we believe that all Paper360° readers will benefit from the inclusion of content related to corrugated — just as corrugated professionals have a lot to gain from the other sections of Paper360°. It’s a content win-win.

We’d love to hear from you as we get ready to launch CorrFocus. What are the topics in corrugated that most interest you? What would you most like to learn about this growing sector? What companies or leaders would you like to see profiled in these pages?

If you’re a corrugated producer or supplier, CorrFocus offers a great opportunity to share your successes with readers throughout the industry. Tell us about problems solved, goals achieved, and new ground covered — we’d love to consider your story for the pages of CorrFocus.

For editorial opportunities, contact Paper360° Editorial Director Jan Bottiglieri at [email protected]. For advertising opportunities, reach out to Media Director Shane Holt at [email protected]. And remember to look for CorrFocus, beginning in the July/August issue of Paper360°!