ProServices Offer Exceptional Modular Yankee Service Portfolio

Together with its market-leading subsidiaries BTG and Toscotec, Voith now offers a modular Yankee Serivce portfolio with the new ProServices. Eight different specialized measurement and diagnostic tools allow papermakers to troubleshoot most Yankee operational and safety issues to increase tissue production efficiency.

Increased performance and efficiency through bundled expertise
Yankees are among the most important components of a tissue machine. To ensure smooth and effective tissue production, it is important to make sure they are in perfect condition. With ProServices, Voith, BTG and Toscotec provide tissue manufacturers with dedicated R&D, Application and Operations teams and a single point of contact and transcending standard maintenance with a broad range of flexible troubleshooting and optimization Yankee services. “Customers benefit from our in-depth know-how and the bundled expertise we offer as a full-line supplier,” says Daniel Schoeps da Silva, Global Product Manager Tissue at Voith, “there are no comparable services on the market.”

Eight ProServices for tissue manufacturing
Four core services and four additional supporting services can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. These include observational diagnostics, such as on-the-run thermal and topography mapping and a range of shutdown inspections from head tilt to press load verification to internals. In addition to greater service proximity with on-site specialists at numerous, global locations, customers are also able to combine service offerings as part of ProServices. “Examples include ProSurface, which measures the shape of the Yankee during production, and ProDry, which measures the temperature of the paper coming out to better understand potential process issues,” explains Ian Padley, Global Solutions Team Manager Tissue at BTG.

Attend Daniel Schoeps da Silva and Ian Padley’s presentation on ProServices on March 15, 2022 at Tissue World Miami to learn more about the unprecedented service portfolio.

Overview of Voith ProServices

Core services:

  • ProPress: Press roll load check to pinpoint efficiency and safety issues
  • ProDry: Paper/Yankee infra-red analysis to identify inconsistencies of the condensate removal system and other issues
  • ProSurface: Yankee shape topography to detect worn surface areas
  • ProFile: Blade holder profiling to improve efficiency and protect the Yankee surface

Supporting services:

  • ProHead: Yankee head tilt to TAPPI standards, required every two years
  • ProInspect: Detailed Yankee inspection using an extensive checklist
  • ProSteam: Analysis of steam, condensate, and related parameters
  • ProRun: Determination if surface intervention is needed, e.g. grinding or re-metallization