North American Linerboard Mill Bets on Clean, Green Technology with Tremendous Pay-Off

Doug Wall, Vice President Sales & Marketing, announced that Coldwater recently started up its innovative and proven EZ eco smart cleaner System on a top former and bottom wire at a North American Linerboard mill. After only 60 days in operation it is exceeding the mill’s expectations for wire cleanliness, elimination of stickies, elimination of passivation chemical, sheet break reduction, and significant reduction in energy/water consumption, among other benefits.

Gilles Boulianne, Team Leader of Sustainable Solutions for Coldwater noted “The linerboard mill’s feedback has been very positive on the high-impact cleaning performance and environmental contribution of the EZ eco smart cleaner technology. The mill has seen quantum wet-end cleaning improvement over their HP oscillating showers with mist box, which were removed. The dramatic cleanliness improvement of the wet end has resulted in a significant reduction in sheet breaks which exceeded their expectations.”

The EZ eco smart cleaner’s innovative design uses traversing high pressure rotating heads that deliver 2,200 psi (150bar) water pressure through 32 jets creating shear forces from rotation, guaranteeing the most effective cleaning of all types of forming wires. The 5” (130mm) diameter head delivers twice as much coverage area in the same amount of time as traditional oscillating showers. The linerboard mill achieved the following benefits after only 60 days of operation:

•30% reduction in sheet breaks
•Stickie deposits on head box were eliminated
•Water savings of 50 million gals/yr
•Energy Savings 672,000 KWh/yr
•CO2 reduction of 410 tons/yr
•HP showers and Mist Box SHUT OFF/Taken out
•Passivation Shower SHUT OFF
•Wire life increased

This technology gets fabrics cleaner with far less water, reducing freshwater consumption by 95%. In addition, the EZ eco smart cleaner technology minimizes mist, and thereby delivers dramatic energy savings because all mist removal equipment is eliminated. The typical ROI is 3 to 6 months.

Over 140 EZ eco smart cleaner units are in use globally on some of the widest and fastest multi-wire machines in the world delivering fewer sheet breaks and defects, better CD profile, and improved machine efficiency while also helping mills meet their environmental goals. Plus, the combination of the EZ eco smart cleaner with Coldwater’s PCA Dryer and Dryer Felt Passivation Technology gives papermakers a complete machine clothing cleaning solution with two of the industry’s most innovative and reliable technologies.