SIDERALE, a Different LogSaw

To create something new you have to start again; with great intent you disconnect from the past.

One of the things we’ve learned is the importance of listening, because as we all know, the very best ideas can often come from the quietest voice, so over the past two years we’ve created an environment that we think really increases the probability of good ideas.

Our engineering department really is a workshop. We design three-dimensional objects and prototypes; design and making really should be inseparable. Behind the machine we made there is the headstrong attention to every single decision we made.


The hallmark of the group has been to be inquisitive and ask an awful lot of questions. We worked very hard to just have our heads down and ignore in some sense all the reasons why something shouldn’t be possible.

SIDERALE is a logsaw designed and engineered to enable a wide range of uses and virtually unlimited possibilities for customization; it is composed of a solid steel structure where four flywheels bring the blade, the true revolution of the whole machine.

Our preoccupation with utility and function has defined the shape of SIDERALE1. A very large space allows the logs to be placed on a central belt that will take them to the cutting area, no pushers, no chains, no guides, for absolute flexibility and uncompromising utility.


The real innovation is in the blade, which is profoundly different from what we have seen so far. To create it we have moved the observation point of the cutting phenomenon and we have created a new geometry that allows you to cut without relative displacements between blade and log.

From the very beginning, SIDERALE was designed to be very powerful, very capable, but also remarkably simple to use. We have created a machine with an incredible number of advantages, but which requires only two inputs – trim length and product length.

All other parameters such as cutting speed, diameter, density, sharpening frequency are automatically set up to better balance the life of consumables.

To build SIDERALE, we had to look beyond what we knew to be possible. It took all our experience and our best thinking to realize something so simple and yet so truly extraordinary.

Siderale Converting is a new company located in Lucca, Italy, that builds innovative log saw. We want to show that our technology works and allows operation with considerable advantages in terms of cutting with high quality and productivity, safety, silence and savings in operating costs.