Quick Overview of Effective Electrical PM Inspections

Tor Idhammar

The purpose of an electrical preventive maintenance program is to reduce the potential for a serious electrical interruption.

Basic rules that apply to all electrical assets:

  • Keep it DRY
  • Keep it TIGHT

Do you know what to look for when inspecting your electrical assets?

When inspecting the operating mechanism of an air circuit breaker:

  • Inspect for loose, broken, worn, or missing parts (refer to the manufacturer’s schematic for any needed parts).
  • Examine the moving parts for excessive wear. Ensure that operating mechanisms are functioning correctly (no binding, hanging or delayed action).
  • Make sure that lubrication is done in accordance to the manufacturer’s specs.
  • Ensure that mechanisms are cleaned, correctly lubricated, and that all bolts and screws are secured properly. Repair or replace as needed.