R&M Tips: Lubrication

Inspecting sight glasses is oil analysis in its simplest form. When done correctly, machine inspections can often uncover potential issues before they become catastrophic. Aside from checking for oil level, you should also be concerned with oil color, clarity, signs of foam or water, and staining on the glass itself. Getting more from your lube inspections is achievable by digging just slightly deeper than the surface level.

Controlling Oil Contamination in Paper Machines

Oil filters should be employed on every paper machine circulating system. Without the ability to remove contaminants, the oil and machine surfaces will degrade rapidly. Choose filters with a focus on smaller particles, such as 10 microns or less, as these smaller particles often cause the greatest damage. Also, keep in mind that the oil must be able to pass through the filter at all expected operating temperatures. In addition, as oil flows through the filter, the additives must remain in the oil and not be stripped by the filter.

Always inspect the sight glass.

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