ProcessBarron to Be Featured on “World’s Greatest!…” Television Show

ProcessBarron’s reputation in the Air Handling, Ash Handling, and Bulk Materials Handling industries lead them to be selected by How2Media to be featured on the television show “World’s Greatest!…”

ProcessBarron, an industry leader in total system solutions for air, ash, and bulk materials handling, is excited to announce its selection by How2Media to be featured on “World’s Greatest!…” Monday, January 28, 2019. How2Media, producers of the show, reached out to ProcessBarron in June of 2018. After consideration of multiple companies, How2Media invited ProcessBarron to be featured on the show as one of the “World’s Greatest” in design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repair of air, ash, and bulk materials handling equipment.

With nearly 40 years of experience, ProcessBarron has become a well-known name throughout the pulp and paper, biomass, cement, lime, steel, and power industries. Thanks to their high-quality products, reliability, customer service, and 24/7 emergency services, ProcessBarron has built an astounding reputation that has led to continued growth as a company through multiple acquisitions and expansions into additional industries and services.

“With clients that operate 24/7/365, ProcessBarron can’t settle for 2nd best. They can’t ask you politely to wait or be patient. They need to be there for their clients at the drop of a hat. That’s what sets them apart. That’s what makes them so special. But it’s more than just being there for their customers in emergency situations; it’s being dedicated to the job every single day,” said Josh Kessler, Production Manager of “World’s Greatest!…” and How2Media. “It’s being completely knowledgeable about their customers’ needs. And it’s about being a total systems solution. Most of all, ProcessBarron is a company that truly cares about their customers. That’s what makes them one of the World’s Greatest.”

In September of 2018, How2Media visited ProcessBarron in Pelham, Alabama, to see the company in action. They filmed interviews with executives, toured the facilities, captured employees at work, and saw, firsthand, the services provided to customers on a daily basis. Through ongoing communication in the months that followed, How2Media formed an informational and exceptional feature of ProcessBarron that viewers can see for themselves.