Nationwide Environmental Solutions, a leading manufacturer and supplier of the proven, ultra-low NOx CataStak™ SCR System, has released significant, independent 3rd party test results from a recent selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) installation. The overall test results yielded an average NOx emission output of 2 ppm corrected to 3% O2, a level that was deemed un-achievable until recent years.

The CataStak SCR System, sold to California Boiler Inc. for end-use at a corrugated box plant in California, was designed and built by Nationwide Environmental Solutions for use with a new 700 HP Hurst package firetube boiler. In response to the air districts’ sub 2½ ppm NOx / sub 10 ppm ammonia (NH3) slip requirement, California Boiler Inc. asked the company to design and manufacture a complete CataStak SCR System that would effectively satisfy these requirements. In addition to improving upon the NOx guarantee, the compliance source test results also showed an average CO output of 0.2 ppm and NH3 slip of 6.3 ppm, each corrected to 3% O2.

Nationwide Environmental Solutions worked closely with California Boiler Inc. to provide a cost effective CataStak SCR System that would achieve the required NOx emissions limits without creating any performance compromises with regards to the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the boiler. The fully engineered CataStak SCR System, configured for use with anhydrous ammonia as the NOx reducing reagent, included an ammonia flow control unit (AFCU), ammonia injection grid (AIG), ammonia bottle storage rack, and a ground mount vertical support structure. Predicated upon the specific project requirements, Nationwide selected an appropriate catalyst to be housed within a carbon steel reactor house, designed to fit within the confines of the boiler room. Given that the larger air districts within California are considering or currently requiring sub 5 ppm and sub 2½ ppm NOx limits, Nationwide’s proven CataStak SCR System is well positioned to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for a reliable and cost effective ultra-low NOx solution.

Nationwide Environmental Solutions, a strategic division of Nationwide Boiler Inc., has provided proven CataStak™ SCR Systems for a broad variety of ultra-low NOx applications, for nearly twenty years, with over 175 temporary and permanent installations throughout North America. With headquarters in Fremont, CA and multiple satellite offices and representative firms located throughout the United States, Nationwide Environmental Solutions supplies proven, quality solutions to enhance both emissions and efficiency for many demanding applications, including package boiler systems, fired heaters, gas turbines, HRSG’s, and more. For additional information, visit
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