With Cyberattacks Rising, Learn How to Secure Your Mill

By Rene St-Pierre, Voith

With mills running hundreds of devices connected via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the successful convergence of OT (operational technology) and IT has become a business imperative on the executive management agenda. The need for securing mill operations is increasingly apparent, as the rate of cyberattacks on industrial control systems continues to rise. The lack of overall visibility and control of systems can leave companies exposed to malicious tampering and cyberattacks on vital infrastructure.

One of the issues paper producers face is the inherent differences between OT and IT infrastructures. This poses challenges for CISOs and mill managers to identify threats, integrate systems, and respond to incidents. Bringing business leaders, IT personnel and OT engineers together to solve mill-wide security issues requires know-how across both the mill and technology spectrums.

This paper explores the current state of cybersecurity in the industrial environment and describes a framework from which papermakers can make strategic decisions about their OT security options. It further explores a concrete solution for threat analysis, monitoring, intelligence sharing, rapid detection and response to threats.

To learn more, download the paper Protecting Industrial Assets with Cybersecurity Solutions in Converging OT/IT/IIoT Environments.