Reliability Interview: Steven Mjoen, Catalyst Paper

In this series of short interviews, we connect with R&M professionals in our industry who share ideas and experiences.  If you would like to be interviewed (or you’d like to suggest a colleague or customer), contact Tor Idhammar at [email protected].

Steven Mjoen

Name:  Steven Mjoen

Where you work: I work for Catalyst Paper, Crofton division, which is located on southern Vancouver Island near Duncan BC. We are an integrated paper and pulp manufacturing division with two operating paper machines and two pulp machines.

What you really do: In my role as reliability manager, I am responsible for the Lubrication Mechanics, Vibration Analysts, Rebuild Shop, and Machine Shop. In addition, I have been acting as interim maintenance manager for the past few months and am also the champion of the Reliability Revitalization for our plant.

That’s a funny last name: It’s Norwegian—I even speak a little.

Hobbies:  Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I spend as much time outdoors as possible—either on the water or hiking in the mountains.

How good is your mill in reliability, on a scale 1-10 (10 being the best)? We are a large integrated pulp and paper plant; we have some areas that are a 3, while other areas are a 6. Hence the reason for the Reliability Revitalization initiative.

Biggest reliability issue(s) at the mill: Attrition and the loss of the experience that we have come to rely on.

What activities are ongoing to improve reliability? We are in the midst of a Reliability Revitalization, re-launching past best practices and introducing new best practices.

Biggest obstacles to achieving your goal: Competing initiatives and a mindset that Reliability is a project instead of a change in the way that we conduct business.

Biggest resources you have for achieving your goal: We have overwhelming support by management for freeing up individuals. This includes having brought IDCON Inc. on board for the Reliability Revitalization.