Press Releases

Voith PaperSchool: Customized Paper Industry Training Courses    

•    Tailored training to improve knowledge and skills in the paper manufacturing process •    Training and professional development to meet various needs – from basic to advanced levels •    New website with numerous training offerings and scheduling options 

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Scott Knapp Named Vice President of Operations for Voith Paper Appleton

Voith is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Knapp as its new Vice President of Operations for Voith Paper Appleton. “My top priority at Voith is to serve our customers through strong execution within our operations.  This will include focus on meeting project deliverables, ensuring reasonable lead-times as well as on-time delivery. We have outstanding products and services, and ...

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Two Industrial Rental Boiler Systems Delivered, Installed, and Commissioned in Seven Days

Nationwide Boiler Inc. recently provided two large package watertube boilers on a fast-track emergency basis to a pulp and paper facility in the Pacific Northwest. Each boiler traveled nearly 1,000 miles to the customer site through rough winter weather, and in just seven days the boilers were delivered, installed, and put into service.

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