November-December 2017

Web Tool Helps Mills Plan Outages

Whether for a rebuild or conversion project, or for scheduled maintenance, every mill outage requires a tremendous amount of resources, including skilled labor. In regions with a high concentration of manufacturing facilities, high demand for resources can leave mill managers, contractors, and labor unions scrambling to meet demand. For mills in the paper-centric Wisconsin-Minnesota-Michigan Upper Peninsula (WI-MN-UP) area, a new ...

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VPI: Transforming the Way Rebuilds are Delivered

REBUILDS & CONVERSIONS Very different rebuild projects at two Midwestern mills both found success through Virtual Process Integration. DAN BAYER AND TONYA DITTMAN Collaboration. It’s a word often overused today. However, when executed well, true collaboration can transform how business is done. At Miron Construction, collaboration has transformed the way rebuilds are being delivered for several clients in the forest ...

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New Press Section Rejuvenates Greif Corrugating Medium Machine

The new shoe press section boosts productivity, improves quality, and reduces energy consumption. MARK WILLIAMSON The growth of containerboard demand in recent years has spurred new production capacity and some grade conversions of former publication paper machines. However, there is a third and very viable option for containerboard producers to modernize key parts of existing production assets—thereby boosting productivity, gaining ...

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