Threads of Nanocellulose Stronger Than Spider Silk

Spider silk has been regarded as the world's strongest biomaterial; but thanks to Kark Håkansson's research, today there is something even stronger, the newsletter article reports: A thin thread of spun nanocellulose that could be used for anything from aircraft wings to artificial tendons in the body.

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Ford Goes Further with Renewable Nanomaterials

Nanocellulose materials offer tremendous potential in a range of automotive applications—and the opportunities will keep growing, says Ford Research Scientist Alper Kiziltas. JAN BOTTIGLIERI Can nanocellulose really offer automotive manufacturers better performance, at a lower cost, with a greener footprint? Maybe Billy Ocean said it best: “Get out of my dreams… and into my car.” At the nanoscale, a material’s ...

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Creating a Lignin Culture

Huge strides have been made in the commercial development of lignin, but there is a lot more exciting work on the horizon. GRAEME RODDEN Although the “bio” sector of the forest products industry has been big news recently, many do not realize that this new path was actually trodden upon more than 30 years ago, if not longer. Michael Paleologou ...

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