Scholarships Support Engineers of the Future

What’s more vital to our industry than a newly-minted engineer eager to contribute to our industry’s future? Fourteen young engineers!

Now in its second year, ASPI’s Engineer of the Future scholarship continues to encourage selected students pursuing their education in paper and related industries. This annual scholarship not only provides recognition for the recipient, but promotes ASPI’s mission of supporting industry performance. This year, through the support of its member companies, ASPI was privileged to provide US$1000 scholarships to 14 promising students.

ASPI is proud to introduce this year’s Engineer of the Future scholars. We asked each student what inspired them to pursue a career in pulp, paper, and related industries.

Miami University

“There is a huge sense of security in knowing my career path has a bright future … no matter how the world evolves, I am confident that the paper industry will continue to have a profound effect on human creativity, communication, and practical function.”

Miami University

“(As) a sensory panelist for bath tissue/paper towels, I was immediately fascinated with the development process of these products. The more I work in the industry, the more excited I get to have this as my long-term career.”

Miami University

“During the Miami U Bridges Program we were given a tour of the paper lab and enlightened about the paper industry… now that I have learned more after adding the paper engineering minor, I definitely feel there are great career options!”

Miami University

“I cannot describe my appreciation for Gary Rudemiller and others, including ASPI, that have offered me access and opportunity. Feeling the roar of industry machinery is awe-inspiring.”

Miami University

“The processes the paper goes through to become paper is very interesting. As my major is in mechanical engineering, I am very interested in the mechanics behind the process. I have a minor in paper to learn more about what goes into the manufacturing of paper.”

UW–Stevens Point

“The different applications that paper can be produced for are truly mind-blowing. With my Paper Science degree, I will have multiple opportunities to work in different positions such as at a mill or in chemical sales.”

University of Maine

During his co-op, Jacob was a pulp lab technician and collaborated with pulping operators to ensure process quality and effectiveness.

Miami University

“I admire the tight-knit community… there are many different people I can go to for advice and collaboration. There are many different components of the paper making process; I feel I will always have something new to work on.”

UW–Stevens Point

“I found (my co-op) projects fun, engaging, but most of all, challenging. It was fascinating learning about the array of chemicals used in the paper industry … to achieve the desired outcomes with various specialty papers.”

Miami University

“Dr. John Jones influenced me to become a chemical engineer by showing me all the amazing things you can do with that knowledge set. (We are) creating something that everyone uses, while utilizing fascinating science.”

Miami University

“Pursuing a career in pulp and paper is the most rewarding decision I have ever made. I enjoy working toward optimizing such a universally utilized industry. There is so much mobility and many different jobs.”

Miami University

“After touring Miami and the paper lab, I had no idea why I wouldn’t choose this career path. The paper industry provides endless opportunities … and will always allow for personal growth and new challenges.”

Miami University

“I am attracted to (this industry) because of its significant impact on environmental sustainability and the broader economy. The emphasis on responsible resource management, recycling initiatives, and technological innovation aligns with my values.”

Michigan Technological University

“I am amazed by the different processes as well as the intricate machines. It was exciting to work with CR Meyer over the summer constructing a recycled paper plant in Waco, TX.”

ASPI’s goal is to create a competitive advantage for its member companies, and nothing creates a vibrant, future-ready pulp and paper industry more effectively than talented new engineers. Through educational programming, industry advocacy, networking, and the Engineer of the Future Scholarship, ASPI enables its members to provide unique benefits to their paper industry customers.

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