ANDRITZ Starts Up Rebuilt Kraftliner Paper Machine

International technology group ANDRITZ has successfully started up the rebuilt PM2 kraftliner paper machine for Cartiera Giacosa S.p.A. at their mill in Front Canavese, Italy, and has received a follow-up order to further improve its performance.

The PM2 has a design speed of 400 m/min and a working width of 3 m. It produces kraftliner in the range of 170 to 225 gsm for laminated sheets used in furniture applications.

The first rebuild was aimed at reducing the specific energy consumption in the press and drying sections to obtain a smaller CO2 footprint. Due to the replacement of the 2nd and 3rd press with a new long-nip press, the dryness content has been increased by 2.5% and the length of the press section has been reduced substantially. The press is equipped with roll covers and paper machine clothing supplied by ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls, offering superior properties.

The space saved was used for two additional new dryers of the type PrimeDry Steel providing important steam and specific energy savings of up to 12% as well as cost-efficient production.   

Marco Roscio, CEO of Cartiera Giacosa, says: “Thanks to this successful rebuild we can now produce our kraftliner more efficiently and more sustainably. We recognized that our PM2 offers further potential for improvement, especially in terms of better quality and better profiles – so no wonder that we partnered again with ANDRITZ.”

The follow-up order – for the rebuild of the wire section – includes a new PrimeScreen X for the approach flow system with fan pumps as well as a new PrimeFlow AT headbox with the latest state-of-the-art dilution water CD profiling for better high-end product quality. This type of headbox was specifically developed to maximize the paper formation with controlled turbulence, using the “Accelerating Tubes” concept. A new mechanical drive for the entire PM2 will improve the machine’s overall efficiency and the consistency of the paper quality.

Cartiera Giacosa was established in 1961 and specializes in the production of decorative paper and kraft paper for laminated plastic, mainly used in furniture.