TissueCon 2019: Technical Advancements, Market Intelligence

TissueCon offers a dual focus on technical advancements in tissue making and market intelligence driving the future of the industry. A sampling of the program includes:

  • Keynote speaker Cheng Lim, vice president market-based management for Georgia Pacific/Koch, will deliver an engaging talk on how today’s tissue leaders can use and practice market-based management principles to improve the culture and performance of their organizations.
  • Profitability, sustainability and the risk of new technologies will be emphasized by Ronalds Gonzalez, co-director of the Tissue Pack Innovation Lab at NC State University.
  • New Business Models in the Tissue Paper Industry in a Digital World, Claudio Munoz, Fabio Perini.
  • Recovered Paper Supply for Tissue Manufacturing, Bill Moore, Moore & Associates.
  • Will Sustainability Pressures Disrupt the Tissue Business?, Bruce Janda, Fisher International.
  • Creating Adaptive Prediction for Tissue and Towel Critical Quality Parameters Using Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning, Cydney Rechtin, Solenis.
  • Trends, Trade and Tariffs – Policy Impacts on Tissue, Mark Pitts, American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA).